Agnona is a luxury women's clothing brand and leader in the production of garments made from the rarest and most precious yarns: fine Australian wool, alpaca from Peru, cashmere and silk from Tibet and China, up to vicuña, a privileged time reserved for king.

Founded in 1953 by Francesco Ilorini Mo in Borgosesia, it takes its name from a village at the foot of Monterosa and begins as a supplier of fabrics for major international fashion houses.


In the '70s Walter Albini was called to design the first collections of the brand, turning the precious fabrics into exclusive collections. In 1999 the Ermenegildo Zegna Group, which has believed in the Agnona project since its inception, acquires full control of the company, giving it a new impulse and allowing it to expand the network of boutiques, now present in the most exclusive international cities.


Agnona is synonymous with timeless elegance, characterized by an absolute attention to detail, precious in materials and contemporary in design. The protagonist of all time, the coats, enveloping or dry, in double yarns, such as the Double Cashmere, at the same time warm and ultralight. In the book "Quality for the Best", Stanley Marcus calls Agnona "one of the highest examples of quality, creativity and manufacturing culture". A trait that has always distinguished the brand and its propensity for excellence. In 2013 Stefano Pilati was appointed Creative Director of the brand. A refined interpreter, at the same time audacious and severe, of luxury. In September 2013 he debuted his first collection named "AGNONA ZERO collection", an organic project developed through different creative phases. Alessandra Carra has been CEO of Agnona since May 2014, with the strategic objective of guiding its development towards further international successes. With Simon Holloway at the creative guidance from the Winter 2016 collection, Agnona is getting ready to reinforce its manufacturing tradition and the unmistakably Milanese stylistic imprint that is also part of the inspiration of the new Creative Director.