Custom-made personalised clothing


The Zegna custom-made service is an experience that is with living and that begins by choosing the fabric, the model and every single detail that will customize your item. Passion and proficiency then lead the hands of the tailors towards the realization of a customized garment for a perfect fit.

Every aspect of your outfit is created according to your style with precious fabrics from the Zegna wool-mill: we create the look that you desire, paying great attention to the size, how it fits and how it matches the rest of your Zegna wardrobe. The area of the Place Outlet dedicated to our Custom-Made service is an elegant space, very intimate and refined, where it is possible to live a unique exclusive experience.


For a custom-made casual wardrobe.

For a casual outfit, suitable for less formal occasions, the Custom-Made service allows you to create a unique outfit, realised to better reflect your style and adapt to you everyday life with the maximum comfort and the excellent quality of all the Zegna fabrics. 

Formal elegance, for every occasion.

The choice of the right outfit for a special occasion is an important step and is worth dedicating the right time. From the most refined outfits to the sophisticated details, the business look is undeniably manlike: the custom-made outfit is a profound expression of modern elegance.
For your wedding or for a ceremony, we realise custom-made suits by combining the most elegant fabrics to the timeless style of Zegna.


The Custom-Made experience of The Place Outlet guarantees a level of personalisation that begins with the choice of fabrics coming from the Zegna wool mill in Trivero, where quality is expressed through an accurate supervision of every step in the fabrics’ production process. 

Our tailors will follow you towards the realisation of your custom-made suit: the sizes are measured from the upper part of the body, from the neck to the shoulders, then chest, arms, back and waist… all the rest follows. 

Every single element of the outfit is created  starting from your style and the personal choice of every detail, from the buttons to the size of the neck. Every aspect can be customized: shoes and accessories as well, to finalize a distinct and sophisticated look.


At The Place Outlet in Biella it is possible to benefit from the Zegna Custom-made service in a dedicated area, open everyday. Every element of your personal style may find its expression in personalized garments: let yourself be guided from the qualified personnel who will be able to create on your request your personal custom-made suit for every casual, formal or special occasion.
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