Born with the intention of enhancing the territory of Biella, in Bielmonte the Oasi Zegna was strongly desired by the heirs of the founder of the homonymous wool mill and embraces a mountain area of almost 100 km² between Trivero and Valle Cervo. Thanks to its great importance from the point of view of maintaining mountain traditions with particular attention to beekeeping and life in mountain pastures, the Zegna oasis of Bielmonte is one of the cells that make up the Ecomuseum of Biella, a fundamental tool for getting to know the territory and its culture.


Starting from the 1930s, Ermenegildo Zegna started an ambitious project of forest repopulation that saw the face of the mountains change in a few years. Over 500,000 conifers, rhododendrons and hydrangeas are planted and the panoramic Zegna is born, today an important provincial road, which crosses it and which allows to reach the alpine pass of the Bocchetto di Sassera. In 1993, the project is transformed into the current Oasis so as to better enhance the natural environment through activities for the whole family such as snowshoeing during the winter or excursions that allow you to visit the woods and farms in the area.

At the Biella ATL or the information center in Bielmonte it is possible to find out about the situation of the ski slopes and the cross-country ski area open in the winter months, but also on the structures that offer hospitality in the surroundings or on excursions. Besides the Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna founded in 1910 and at the base of the panoramic road, it is possible to admire the rhododendron basin with their spectacular spring bloom, spectacular sanctuaries such as that of Our Lady of the Heath and the archeometallurgical sites of Argentera and Rondolere. For those planning a longer stay in Bielmonte, Mosso or Trivero, in the area you can also reach the Sanctuary of Oropa, the medieval Ricetto di Candelo or enjoy a day of shopping at the luxury outlet The Place in Sandigliano.