Beltrami Parapharmacy at The Place Outlet


Within a welcoming environment inspired by nature, the Beltrami Parapharmacy offers a wide range of products and services chosen from among the best in the phytotherapeutic, orthopedic, dermocosmetic, integrative and veterinary fields.

The team is ready to provide advice and concrete help, respecting the uniqueness of the customer, to improve the conditions of well-being. Alongside over-the-counter medicines, you can find a wide selection of natural supplements specific for those who practice sports. The orthopedic items department is equipped with braces for musculoskeletal problems and comfortable footwear.


The skin is the largest organ of our body, involved in the thermoregulation system and has the function of covering and protecting against pathogens. For this reason it is essential to preserve it in good health, for greater comfort and for better tactile sensoriality.

Inside the Parapharmacy you will find products which, thanks to the most advanced research, help ensure skin health by making your daily routine a real personal care ritual.


In the heart of the Parapharmacy there is a welcoming aesthetic cabin with lights for chromotherapy and a heated bed to ensure greater comfort during the massage.

In addition to the classic manicure, pedicure, depilation and facial care services, there is the possibility of choosing from a wide range of treatments, such as: relaxing and anti-stress massages, and a series of specific manipulations for the "Remise en forme", lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite.


A special department is reserved for the care of dogs and cats. A more traditional line of nutrition is available with tins and croquettes, but which does not contain gluten or antibiotics and GMOs, and the BARF diet, of which Parafarmacia Beltrami is the only sales point in the province.

Here, you can buy prescription veterinary drugs, repellents (also with an important natural component) and a series of supplements that support animals in their deficiencies or in the management of stress and illnesses.”