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Biella, a corner of paradise in Piedmont

Biella is a city “on a human scale”, a historic cradle of the industrial textile tradition, in accordance with the rich natural environment all around the city and which makes it the ideal tourist destination for families, outdoor sports lovers and everyone who looks for some relax time away from city life.

Oasi Zegna

The Oasi Zegna is a natural reserve with free access extended up to 100 km2 in between Trivero and Valle Cervo, in the Biellesi Alps in Piedmont, which was established 1993 as a natural evolution of the “green thought” of Zegna, in love with the beauty of nature and deeply tied to his land.

Today Oasi Zegna is an open air laboratory for new generations and the perfect location for families, children and sportsmen to practice all kinds of activities in contact with nature all year long, with full respect for its ecosystems. Apart from hiking and winter sports activities, biking is a very significant one in that the mountainous area offers numerous paths that become a part of the wild territory of the Alta Valsessera.


Sanctuary of Oropa

Dedicated to the Black Mary, the Sactuary of Oropa, located close to Biella at less that 15 kilometers from the city and in the heart of a large natural reserve, is among the first in Europe in regard to its importance. The Sanctuary includes, other than a Sacred Mount, the original church erected on top of an old chapel as well as the more recent and real sanctuary, equipped with different facilities for the hospitality of tourists and worshipers.

All around the sanctuary there are also many local restaurants, which are the natural inheritance of the typical taverns of past times and still serve nowadays traditional dishes to pilgrims, tourists or even random strangers.



The Ricetto of Candelo is a mastery of architecture that dates back to medieval times and had the role of storing and protecting the products of the land, such as grains and wines and, only in cases of extreme danger, the population as well. Today, it is a touristic site with a very fascinating atmosphere that draws the attention of people who are passionate about the middle ages as well as other people who are simply curious of the geographical area and take advantage of the weekend to visit Biella and its surroundings.

The beauty of its city walls made of pebbles and stones, as well as the towers and the houses made it possible for the small town of Candelo, situated right at the city gates of Biella, to be inserted as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, hence becoming a perfect destination especially during those days in which exhibitions or cultural shows are are organized. 

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Biella offers many activities dedicated to families, children, sportsmen and lovers of good food.
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