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27 Aprile 2022

Walking outdoors gives an immediate sense of well-being, relaxes and relieves stress. The walk - or trekking, for those who love hillwalking at a certain altitude, allows us to appreciate the landscapes of the area.

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24 Febbraio 2022

The Place Luxury Outlet houses The Place Café restaurant, an oasis of tranquility where you can relax and enjoy the area overlooking our central garden.

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31 Gennaio 2022

A BIG ‘NO’ TO DRAB IN-BETWEEN SHADES. This is what comes from the trendy colors for winter 2021-2022. A palette of bold and bright colors and shades. Contrasting combinations with bold colors are recommended for those who want to dare, and the certainty of monochromatic for those who are afraid of exceeding with too much color.

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