Adapting to future digital change

Adapting to future digital change
07 Gennaio 2021

In any working situation, digital has tried to meet the needs of consumers, or of people in general, trying to offer them the greatest freedom of action in the virtual world, in response to the restrictions imposed on all that happens outside the screens of their devices.
Social relations have moved to platforms dedicated to video calls, work has become “smart” and, if possible, it has been confined within the walls of our own homes, as well as education and the gym.

The age groups affected by the increasingly consistent use of digital tools are not exclusively the youngest, who have already begun to constantly use new digital opportunities, but with great surprise, Baby Boomers as well, meaning those between 55 and 74 years of age.

Fashion, which has never been afraid of change and innovation, has been urged to take new further steps towards the digital world.
The boom in e-commerce was the unstoppable result of the prolonged closure of shops, but the wind of change was not limited to that. In fact, after the first lockdown, the brands paraded their models on catwalks made of pixels and worked in order to host buyers in virtual showrooms.

The Place also promptly responded to the emergency by promoting its virtual shopping service, seeking warmth of contact with the customer individually and assisting through a video call conversation directly in the physical store. The outlet experience, where the design of the environment conveys the elegance of the garments it hosts, is irreplaceable and clearly difficult to virtually match, but for The Place every difficulty is an opportunity for further improvement. 

The target? Offering a shopping experience that even from home is engaging on a human level, guaranteeing the customer careful assistance in choosing and quality advice.

The milestone reached during lockdown has not been set aside, especially now that stores have reopened to the public. The possibility of feeling close even to our most distant customers from foreign countries is an important achievement that we, at The Place, are not willing to give up. Our trained shop assistants will be able to guide you in a virtual shopping experience. What are you waiting for? Book your virtual appointment by writing to the number +39 3491954182.