Elegance and Style for Christmas holidays

Elegance and Style for Christmas holidays
20 Dicembre 2019

Not all occasions require the same style or dress code but for sure it is never allowed to give up elegance and good taste.
Let’s see together some of our suggestions.

In choosing our look for Christmas it is highly recommended to keep in mind that red, gold and paillettes should always be well balanced, as much as finding a proper balance between glam and casual. 

Being elegant and sophisticated is what we all should aim for.

Christmas lunch at the restaurant… the day has come!
For this occasion all the most elegant outfits are most welcome, but be careful not to exceed. Sheath dresses, midi dresses, jumpsuits: green light to all kinds, but it is a good reminder to dress up for a lunch, not a dinner. For all those who love celebrating at home with friends and family, a warm soft jumper is the best choice. The most important part is to choose fine and precious yarns.
A big yes to braid motives and jacquard patterns, but also to elegant unicolor jumpers, possibly shades of beige or pink.

The image above illustrates all the colors and shades of the Agnona jumpers. With a closer look you will definitely find the perfect shade for your holiday look.

We propose colors in every winter shade for a special Christmas Day: forest green, amethyst, brown, peacock blue, and deep black.
The outfit may be sober if enriched with a pair of shoes with high heel or a jewel bag.

For those who celebrate the evening of the 24th, it is a completely different story. Some people find that celebrating on Christmas Eve is a better option, in this case the best choice is a long elegant and sophisticated dress.
Do not forget to wear a nice long coat, preferably defined by a belt at waist height to complete the ensemble.

If Christmas is dedicated to family celebrations, New Year is just the right occasion to surprise.
Red, gold, lurex… everything is allowed, but pay close attention to all combinations and accessories. 

For the grand dinner at the restaurant, or a lively after dinner with dances, long dresses are more than appropriate. Jewel details that shine and illuminate a monochromatic palette are all it takes for the occasion!  

For those who don’t like choosing between elegance and comfort, wearing a nice dark trouser combining it with a silk shirt and a soft cashmere cardigan is a good option. A skirt a a short velvet dress may also be the right solution for an evening with friends.
A pair of fancy boots or sexy décolleté will enrich every look.

Let’s see in more detail some ideas for him.

Despite what is commonly thought, men as well during holidays often question themselves on how to dress.

Christmas at home? Definitely a casual informal outfit is a good option, but without overlooking elegance and style: tailored trousers and a white shirt are a great choice. A soft jumper in the main seasonal colors such as dark green, bordeaux and night blue will easily finish your look.
In the picture above are two original ideas for grey and brown suits, proposed by Ermenegildo Zegna, the perfect seasonal nuances for Christmas holidays

For more formal occasions, a blu suit is always the best choice; pairing it with a turtleneck instead of a shirt may be a good way to give it a more fresh and modern look. If the celebration is during the evening, a tie, a shirt and precious cuff links are the best option. 

The suit in the picture above is a nice elegant suit by Ermenegildo Zegna. 

After having seen a few suggestions for the right outfits during Christmas holidays, let’s discover some interesting insight for New Years Eve.

If you have in mind to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home with friends and family, a casual but refined outfit is the most adequate: a nice jacket combined with a red item and shoes lace up, however not too casual.
This look is just perfect even if you are planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the town square, the only suggestion is to substitute the jacket with a nice warm sweater and the shoes lace up with slip-on sneakers. 

If you are attending a more elegant celebration, choose a dark formal dress with a modern fit and slightly tighter on the waist.