Ermenegildo Zegna - Autumn / winter trends 2019

Ermenegildo Zegna - Autumn / winter trends 2019
18 Ottobre 2019

Let’s start from a simple question: what is the meaning of “being a man” today?

It is the answer to this question that leads the Zegna world: which accompanies men from all throughout the world from over 120 years, being both witness and creator of their changes in style and attitude.
It concerns a new concept of masculinity.
Displaying one’s own feelings, choices, successes and failures which represent what men really are today.

In fashion as well, the stylistic choices have changed and evolved: they now clearly express a taste that does not renounce to sartorial details, but instead it is enhanced with various new and contemporary forms. Garments by Zegna exceed every stereotype and social convention: fusion and contamination are the strength of our collection

We do not exclusively refer to the well examined and balanced mix of shapes and lines, but also to the innovation of various fabrics.
Wool, Cashmere and Nylon are realized from pre-existent resources, they are processed through innovative techniques and are turned into extremely soft and socially responsible fabrics

The colors of the new collection are very intense and range from shades of white to grey, from black to dark blue and touching also warmer tones such as kaki. 

Jacquard fantasies are perfectly adapted to every style whether it is a jacket or suit, geometrical shapes which become even more noticeable as a consequence of the cashmere-leather details combination.

Must-have items from our new collection.

The Bomber 

Zegna offers numerous outwear proposals: the classic coats this season are combined with street-style bombers that also have a sartorial taste at the same time.

Knitted coats, parka and quilted puffers with geometrical pockets and hidden closures are presented with formal collars as well as other detachable alternatives to complete the collection.

Throughout all the coats, one definitely captures the eye, the new Zegna Bomber, a very innovative and exceptional item. 

The Cargo Trousers

Throughout various trousers’ proposals, our cargo model can not go unnoticed.
Famous for its modern, almost sporty cut, that has been modified and adjusted to a more sartorial style. 

We also have loose trousers that tighten towards the end or more combat alternatives.

Sweaters and Shirts

The new shirts by Ermenegildo Zegna are also presented in a voluminous way and with squared cuts as the coats, resulting more comfortable and functional.

Our knitwear is also of great importance in that it’s colors and fabrics conveys more depth to the texture effects that is created in the Zegna outfits once they are completed. 

The silk-cashmere turtleneck is a must-have for this season!


The Zegna collection leaves nothing to chance, even the accessories have been realized and designed to represent the new masculine concept that lives within our cities. 

The shoes: boots with zipper and compact sole. 

But also sneakers made with various different materials such as the iconic Ceasar model

The first pair of Zegna sneakers that may be completely personalized. 

The bags, always very spacious and wide and with geometrical motives, are also in line with the idea of comfort and functionality.

Another characteristic feature of the autumn/winter collection is the felt hat that reminds a helmet.