21 Ottobre 2020

Universal rule to keep in mind while shopping - always buy quality clothes that last over time and prefer a minimal design that does not go out of style.
An eclectic garment per season is allowed, but it definitely leaves room for ever greens!

Let’s take a look at the men's and women's trends for this autumn-winter 2020-2021.


After the great rise of sportswear, men's fashion has changed its course and moved again a few steps towards high tailoring.

In fact, this season's men's wardrobe must be able to count on a versatile tailored suit able to adapt to the dynamism of the urban jungle and on some more casual garments.
The jackets from the men's collection created by Ermenegildo Zegna, with clean and decisive cuts, are an excellent example of tailoring.
Complete your look with the shirt that best expresses your personality and do not be afraid to dare with a more colorful variant.

Don't forget to save a space in your wardrobe for the most sporty and casual looks and at the same time, allowing yourself even the brightest colors.
The Z Zegna shirt, Ermenegildo Zegna's most contemporary line, is the perfect example of a balanced union of bright pantone colors: mustard yellow, purple and petroleum green.

As for footwear, the attention which was previously focused exclusively on sneakers, still of great trend, has moved to a new protagonist item: the Chelsea boot; a symbol of style often associated with the Beatles, and that is very faithful to the linearity that made it famous.

Accessories are also not to be overlooked; although often they are overlooked as of secondary importance, but they reveal themselves to be fundamental elements of style essential to respond to the autumn cold weather. The choice is wide in terms of hats: a great classic for men is the Borsalino, a soft felt hat that gives the wearer a dandy-style elegance, but there are also many different more variations, sporty and young, like the baseball caps with visor by Zegna, also in felt.


For the women's wardrobe there is greater freedom of choice in terms of patterns and colors. Summer memories tattoo our autumn shirts with floral patterns and a color palette capable of illuminating even the grayest days.

Women can express a new femininity thanks to the winning encounter between the more masculine sartorial cuts and the delicate shades of pink, gray and beige.

In the coming seasons, elegance and class will not exclude the practicality of softer lines, as in the case of the warm and wrap-around total look proposed by Agnona: a perfect outfit for work, as well as for a Sunday brunch.

And to give an extra touch to a basic look? Extravagant accessories are the element of style that will change your outfit. You will not be able to do without the Agnona hats: choose the version in beige for passe-partout combinations or the version in purple shades to capture everyone’s attention.