09 Novembre 2020

The foliage describes the chromatic change that distinguishes the autumn season and the subsequent fall of leaves. This unique natural show is not a specular reflection for every single tree, but takes on different nuances according to the types of plants, that beautifully paint colorful landscapes in which immerse yourself and detach your mind from the problems of everyday life.

Due to its natural conformation, the Biella area boasts a wide variety of beautiful plants and consequently a surprising color palette depending on the area and on the seasonal period: in October, the yellow and red of beech and birch trees meet the green shades of the conifers, while in November chestnut trees show beautiful colors, passing from warm shades of yellow, to orange, to brown.

It is in fact in this particular period of the year, that the woods of the Oasi Zegna prove to be a very precious gift especially in terms of nature photography and for lovers of nature walks.

We all know the lovely shades of trees in autumn, but what some of us don’t know is why this phenomenon occurs. The beauty of this landscape comes from its fragility and from the force of nature at the same time, to cunningly protect itself from the upcoming winter cold.
In winter, in fact, with the lowering of temperatures, the light intensity of sun rays and the reduction of daylight, the photosynthesis process that keeps the leaves green and bright during summer would be an unsustainable effort for plants. Furthermore, in case of winter frost or snow, the “foliage” of the trees would hold back the snow, hence endangering the plants’ stem and branches.

The foliage is therefore not only beauty, but an intelligent self-defense of nature.
It is the trees themselves that decide to sacrifice their leaves: for their own protection, they activate enzymes that cut the petiole and suspend photosynthesis, conserving reserve substances to nourish the roots. In the absence of photosynthesis, thus of chlorophyll which is responsible for the green color of the leaves, these begin to release fascinating colors, such as yellow, orange and red, which otherwise would not show.

We now have revealed the secrets of this season in order to see and appreciate through different eyes the wonder of trees during a precious stage of their evolution and all the enchanting autumn colors that warm-up the Biella area.