Formal wear: The perfect look for him

Formal wear: The perfect look for him
05 Maggio 2021

With the arrival of spring and summer, special occasions to show a wonderful tailored style suit follow one after the other.
In order to make an important moment even more precious, the search for the right dress becomes crucial, whether it is to attend a wedding or a special family event or with friends.

Men's formal suits for spring summer 2021 move away from the trends of the previous years, confirming the end of a trend, which is that of shiny fabric and synthetic.
It is now contrasted by soft-touch fabrics, whose beauty is determined by the quality itself of raw material.

Class and refinement will make you a welcomed guest on any noteworthy occasion; create your look with discretion and personality to not go unnoticed, choosing garments capable of surprise, but remaining faithful to tradition.

First step: the right dress.

At this stage it is important to privilege quality over eclecticism.
For less formal situations, opt for a split, consisting of a tailored jacket and trousers, or for a deconstructed dress. If, on the other hand, the occasion is more formal, a 3-piece suit, including a vest, is the right choice for you.

However, to determine the choice of a dress rather than another, is the cut: the tailored and clean lines of a suit must very well enhance the man who wears it. Password? Quality and elegance.

Second step: the right shirt.

Choosing a shirt for a special occasion is not easy, the trend is often that of search for the detail or particularity to remind that it is not a day like any other.

The risk that characterizes the choice of every garment or accessory in the occasion of a ceremony, is to wear an unusual garment that may as well not make you feel completely at ease, but anything is allowed in order to amaze. However, do not forget, elegance is also strong personality and self-confidence!
Let yourself be fascinated by the shades of the Zegna shirts, timeless elegance awaits you.

Third step: the right shoes.

Now that you’ve chosen dress and shirt, all you have to do is wear the right shoes.
Don't forget that at a ceremony you often spend a lot of time standing, and if you are lucky and it is followed by a nice party with good music, you will also be invited to move a few dance steps on the dance floor.

This is to say that the shoes you choose for that special day don't only have to be flawless to express your style, but also comfortable to make you dance!
Once again your ally is quality: discover the leather lace-ups proposed by Zegna to guarantee full comfort and style from morning to night.

Now you have all the right tools to choose your wedding look, you just have to come and visit us at The Place Luxury Outlet to receive valuable and distinctive style tips!