How to dress to stay at home: classy style and comfort

How to dress to stay at home: classy style and comfort
11 Maggio 2020

First of all, whether you are working in agile mode or not it is important to be able to create your own daily routine; so always point the alarm clock at the usual time, do your stretching and physical exercise to relax the muscles and don't forget to have a good breakfast.

The imperative of these days at home is: do not neglect yourself!
So after a nice shower, take off your pajamas and get dressed. Yes, we know that you are wondering why you should bother dressing up to stay home and the answer is really simple: in case you have to face a day of work, this will help you find the right concentration you need and you will also be well set for any sudden video conferences. We recommend choosing the right outfit for home for those who are not yet working, since it is proven that it has many positive effects on our psyche and helps us better face these recent difficult times; and you never know… maybe you could make a last minute decision to have a virtual toast with friends.

What to wear?

When you open the quarantined wardrobe, the first thing to do is to go in search of style, but also of comfort, so choose and prefer all those enveloping items made with soft fabrics.

Yes, we definetely have to be comfortable at home so we can wear a comfortable suit but be careful, choose a couture suit. It would be a mistake to think you could work on the computer with one of those wide and shapeless suits, please do not risk making a bad impression with your boss on video call.

For example, in the photo we can see a sports suit that is certainly not lacking in style, perfect for a day of smart working.

Another precious piece of advice we want to give you is to wear only the lower part of the suit by combining a shirt or sweater with the pants. If, on the other hand, you are already planning a video call, maybe even with top clients, this is the right occasion to show off a more formal clothing and possibly a new shiny dress never used before.

What do you say about these two proposals? You will definitely make a good impression from your home kitchen as well!

For what concerns women’s wear, we recommend a garment that we can surely define the “rescue remedy” outfit for every occasion: the blazer. By wearing the blazer, you will be perfect for an unscheduled call but you will also feel proudly well dressed while simply wearing a fuseaux and a simple cotton sweater. Thus, perfect as a smart garment but also suitable for an aperitif with friends on Skype, because being in quarantine does not mean it is the time to let go!

For example, these are two Agnona alternatives, a glamorous touch both for your business calls but also a way to leave your friends speechless on the other side of the camera.

In addition to the blazer you can wear sweaters, blouses, shirts and scarves and you will be impeccable even at home.

Finally, don't forget that to complete a perfect home look, you also need to take care of your appearance: a nice hairstyle and a good scent will make you feel good, also by improving your mood. And for women it is also worth putting on a nice lipstick.
Feeling good, do not forget, is the right key to face this period with more positivity!