Made to Measure: the value of uniqueness

Made to Measure: the value of uniqueness
20 Ottobre 2021

Fashion has always anticipated man's desires and satisfies them, evolving accordingly and accompanying him in change. Now that dynamism and uniqueness are not just dreams, but the needs of modern man, Made to Measure is revealed as a secret of style and a symbol of individual expression.

Zegna does not whisper, but loudly exclaims that the starting point of your wardrobe is you.

The right dress is not found by chance, luck does not count when it comes to elegance, meaning a perfect match. Elegance is made to measure and originates in your personality, your lifestyle and your ambitions.

Each body is unique in its proportions and structure, just as each mind is unique in its needs, in its personal tastes. The perfect dress for you exists, and it exists in the exact shape and color in which you imagine it to be, in the weight and material you desired.

From now on, when you talk about expression of style, you can forget to use the word compromise. The choice of every detail of your dress is in your hands and in your mind: from the fabric to the color of the buttons, from the lapels of the jacket to the cuffs of the trousers , every stitch and every fold, without ever giving up your individuality.

It is from the high quality of Zegna fabrics, the techniques used and the sartorial experience that a tailor-made vision of men's clothing is born, which elevates to unparalleled freedom.

At The Place, finding the right dress capable of enhancing your physicality and personality becomes a unique experience in which you will be the protagonist. You will personally meet our style consultant and with his support you will be able to choose from a wide selection of Zegna fabrics the one that reflects your lifestyle and your uniqueness. Once all individual details have been defined, your creation will be made and delivered in a few weeks, ready to be worn.

And now we will reveal a secret: from 29/10 to 20/11 of this autumn the Made to Measure in our Luxury Outlet has a very special price. Come and visit us at The Place, let yourself be fascinated by the precious fabrics of Ermenegildo Zegna and discover the quality of luxury.