Ricetto di Candelo

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The Ricetto of Candelo, close to Biella, is a mastery of architecture that dates back to the middle ages and had the role of protecting the products of the land of the population. The beauty of its walls made of pebbles and stones, as well as the towers and the houses made it possible for the small town of Candelo, situated right at the city gates of Biella, to be inserted as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, hence becoming a perfect destination especially during those days in which exhibitions or cultural shows are organised. 


The Ricetto of Candelo was able to maintain unaltered its original structure and preserves at its interior the beautiful Palazzo del Principe, constructed in the late 1400’s. Of great relevance are the almost two hundred cells, which are typical two-floor accommodations composed of a “caneva” (tiny cellar) that was used as a tavern for the production of wine, and the higher and drier floor used for the storage of grain during the cold and more humid months of the year.

Its four towers, one of which has an extremely panoramic view, and the rue that pass through the Ricetto of Candelo are  very unusual and make it the ideal set for memorable drama sceneries for fiction and even horror movies, of which a very popular one is “la Freccia Nera”.  


To visit the Ricetto today does not only represent a simple jump into the past, plunging completely into medieval history, but also knowing the artisans and being able to purchase typical art objects of the area. 

In the numerous wine cellars of the Ricetto of Candelo, which at the moment are all of private property, you may find curious workshops and very bizarre and interesting artistic laboratories. Many spaces, after a skilful renovation, still show the ancient barrels where wine was kept as well as the big grindstones for the production of flour, a very important nutritious resource for the population. 

At only a few steps from the Ricetto, Candelo proudly displays a unique naturalistic ensemble known as the Natural Reserve of the Baraggia, a park which very much resembles a Savanna! 


During all year long events of different nature are organised at the inside of its walls and find their authentic dimension and bring to life to that which is one of the medieval structures better preserved in Europe. 

During springtime there is the charming event of Candelo in fiore, the Ricetto “dresses” itself with new and bright colours. Through the small rues and the flowery corners: exhibitions, music, and various performances. In autumn, not to miss, Vinincontro at Ricetto, one of the most breath-taking events concerning wine and the exquisite food specialties of the Biellese area and of the upper Piedmont inside and outside of the walls of the Ricetto of Candelo. 

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