Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy at Casa della Salute at The Place.

Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy at Casa della Salute at The Place.
23 Settembre 2020

September is the month of new beginnings and openings… offices and schools reopen and people are resuming their normal physical activity or, why not, starting a new one

It is well known by now that no gym or other sports center can avoid asking its athletes for a sports fitness certificate, and for this reason Casa della Salute offers the Sports Medicine service.

The sports fitness certificate is required for both competitive and non-competitive activities. These two types of sports practice require different exams, just as some sports also require special exams to confirm eligibility. Here, at Casa della Salute, the Sports Medicine clinic carries out competitive and non-competitive examinations for the new sport season at special rates starting from € 25.

We are proud to present not only the sports medicine clinic, but also the physiotherapy one!

The structure is equipped with the latest generation equipment and a gym measuring over 60 square meters in order to guarantee the best treatments and results to the patients of Casa della Salute.

Here are some of the available treatments:

  • Functional Bandage
  • Electro Stimulations
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Tecartherapy

These and many other services at affordable prices for everyone.

To book your visit or to simply ask for further information, contact Casa della Salute at: