Spring/summer Collection - the new trends for this summer.

Spring/summer Collection - the new trends for this summer.
21 Febbraio 2020

Spring is coming and who is not already looking at the shop windows with the new collections?
You definitely must be curious to discover the new trends for the upcoming summer season… let’s see them together!

Women’s fashion

For spring-summer 2020 women will be free even more to express their femininity, remembering that there is no single concept of femininity… every woman is a woman her own way! 

Here are a few ideas:

1. Sensual and seductive, the woman of this spring 2020, uses refined games of transparencies and overlays.

2. The color of the summer will be pink in all its nuances, from the most pale and pastel to the most eccentric ones.

3. The retro style loudly returns on the catwalk, draped dresses and midi skirts for a stylish return to the past. 

4. We have seen how it will be possible to freely express one's femininity, in fact freedom is one of the key words of this season's fashion: freedom of expression and freedom of style, with large dresses with exaggerated volumes. 

5. A sensual and romantic woman is presented but with strong personality, in boss girl clothes but with floral prints. 

6. Ton sur ton, impeccable shapes and clean lines for a perfect bourgeois style. 

7. In addition to pink, the color palette also includes all shades of brown, beige… from ochre to sand. To complete this safari look, the jacket-pants suits are enriched with belts and large pockets. Mens’ fashion    

Mens’ fashion

Even men's clothing follows fashions and trends and therefore we see which are those of the summer:  

1. Accessories will be the real protagonists of men's fashion: the belt bag is the must-have accessory. 

2. To remain in the world of accessorize, mens’ bags become increasingly important and large: the man of this season is a true travel addict and always carries his large backpack.

3. Another must-have accessory to better face the warmer seasons are sunglasses. Wrap-around sunglasses with colored reflective lens.

4. Soft colors, all shades of beige are very trendy.

5. Sophisticated details for timeless elegance are always current.

6. Blazers with a vintage cut, even for men, fashion has foreseen a step into the past.

7. High-waisted, low-crested cargo trousers will be the perfect garment for the coming season: fresh and comfortable.

8. Even simple knitwear will be one of this spring’s protagonists.

Ermenegildo Zegna has always been one of the fashion maison that launches these trends and makes them live in the world of haute-couture.

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