Sunglasses: our selection PE2021

Sunglasses: our selection PE2021
07 Giugno 2021

Whether it is a choice dictated by style or by the desire to protect your eyes from UV rays, there are two significant aspects that can make the difference for your eyewear: the quality of the lenses and the shape of the frame.

Every year new lines and colors are added to the collections of sunglasses - a little more round, squared or enriched with new details, oversize or mini. The choice is limitless, you just have to create your own style!

This accessory with capital A is in fact capable of transforming any clothing into a look worthy of being remembered, as also cinema has well taught us in time. Some examples? Try thinking of the Blues Brothers without their iconic sunglasses; not to forget Tom Cruise in Top Gun and his pilot glasses or Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's and her diva frame with dark lenses.

This year also The Place can count on a special selection of sunglasses by Ermenegildo Zegna capable of leaving their mark.

Our favorites? Let's see our top 3 together!

The first model that won us over has simple lines, a square frame with a tortoiseshell texture that is always in trend. The clear, warm-toned lenses let glimpse your gaze, but ensure good visibility.

In second place on the podium there is a simple and minimal model whose elegance is hidden in the particular material texture of the thick black frame. It is combined with very dark lenses that hide the gaze and give a touch of mystery to whoever wears it.

Finally, on the third step of our style podium there is a squared model in which the big difference is made by the special knurling that decorates the upper part of the lenses. The thin frame also gives a touch lightness to the glasses and makes this model suitable for any combination.

One last tip in terms of sunglasses: choose versatility, elegance and never give up the quality of the lenses you wear - the protection of your eyes from UV rays is not secondary.

What are you waiting for? Discover the luxury of Ermenegildo Zegna Eyewear at a special price! Come and visit us at “The Place” or write us at +39 345 032 8676 to plan a video call and view all the frames available!