Dandy style: what you need for the perfect outfit

Dandy style: what you need for the perfect outfit
15 Aprile 2021

Amongst the best known dandies in history, we cannot fail to mention George Brummel, Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde and Gabriele D’Annunzio.

At the beginning, the dandy was considered a man of style, with refined clothing, in contrast with the fashion of the time, in continuous search for absolute beauty and refinement, with a nostalgic taste for the past society.

However, the perception that the society of the time had of these eclectic characters was that of extremely superficial men, whose only concern was fashion.
They were in fact constantly engaged in the ostentation of their superiority and lacking of a real occupation, dedicated only to elite worldly occasions.

However, the Dandy Style is not just a way of dressing, but a real lifestyle, a way of thinking and behaving, which if removed from the historical context in which it developed, assumes new meaning over time, while retaining a few common elements of the philosophy of origin.

Today the modern Dandy presents himself as a man capable of dictating new rules in terms of style, with a particular attention to details, which has little to do with the contempt towards the current society that characterized the Dandies of the nineteenth century.

Are you wondering what cannot be missing in your looks to be a true Modern Dandy?
Although the secret of Dandyism is to play with new combinations of colors and accessories of style, the starting point is always a right tailored suit: the clean and elegant lines of the collection presented by Ermenegildo Zegna are just what you were looking for.
To give an extra touch to your suit, you can play with the material or combine it with a jacket and trousers or also a vest.

Once you have selected also the shirt to match, it's time to choose between tie and bow tie, the latter more suitable for younger people.
It is in this phase that fun begins, the color emerges and you can dare with original patterns: try a floral print or a magenta monochromatic tie.

Amongst accessories, the true means of expression of the Dandy style is a hat with a brim, which must always be present in the male wardrobe. If in the colder season the classic felt hat is the recommended choice to not go unnoticed, in spring with warmer weather and sunny days, the proposal signed by Zegna is certainly more captivating.

The perfect look, however, goes from head to toe, which is why the choice of shoes also represents a crucial moment of style, in which it is good to remember the timeless quality of a lace-up leather shoe.

Last tip? You just have to experiment! Whether it's with a scarf, an eccentric pin or a pair of brightly colored socks, don't be afraid to dare and express your personality in total freedom.