La camicia Ermenegildo Zegna

La camicia Ermenegildo Zegna
11 Settembre 2019

Summer, winter, autumn or spring, there is no season in which a shirt is not recommended. The shirt reflects the style of the person who wears it, depending on how it is worn. It may reveal a rock or a bon ton style according to the way it is combined with other garments, from the most formal occasions to more casual ones for a weekend outside the city.

3 suggestions to avoid making mistakes on how to wear a shirt…

1. The size. The fit of the shirt has to be perfect. The shirt should never wrap the chest too tightly and appear tight on the shoulders.

2. The right length. The length of the shirt also determines the style and the way it must be dressed.

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3. The Underwear. Underneath the shirt, the tank tops or undershirts must not be seen.

The shirt inside or outside the trousers?

The shirt that is to be kept exclusively inside the trousers presents a curved bottom or otherwise of asymmetrical shape. The shirt, instead, that may be worn outside the trousers presents a flat and even edge, squared; its length never passes the bottom line of the pockets. Moreover the shirt to wear outside the trousers should not reach the height of the hips, anyway never below the the basis of the trousers’ back pockets.

If you prefer wearing the shirt outside the trousers it is better to opt for a fabric such as linen for a casual outfit, but refined.

How to combine an elegant shirt?

Being able to combine a shirt at its best can completely change the general effect of the overall look, making it more or less trendy, sophisticated or casual. 

If the shirt is a Korean shirt it perfectly adapts to a less formal style. The neck of the shirt, small and rigid, is very comfortable and very modern. Combined with a pair of brown cotton trousers and a pair of sneakers it is perfect for these first cool autumn days. 

If we’re talking about a classic shirt instead then the story changes. A men’s shirt with a classic cut represents a must have that should never miss in a man’s wardrobe, at any age. With an elegant suit it is indicated for formal occasions, for important business meetings or other special events. 

How to combine the shirt with jeans

The charm of a jeans shirt was never old-fashioned, let’s admit it!

If you are lovers of total denim you can combine a mens jeans shirt with a pair or trousers of the same jeans fabric, but in a different nuance in order to create some contrast.

How to wash a shirt?

Choose a washing program in your washing machine with warm water (40°C) or dry clean. Do not use the drying machine and remember that normal ironing, with or without steam, can be performed with an intermediate setting (150°C).

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