The Zegna group against Covid-19

The Zegna group against Covid-19
20 Maggio 2020

"At Zegna we believe that our actions today will shape our tomorrow. The pandemic that we are all facing is an invitation for people all over the world to act. Each and every one of us must do its part, in every way, to stop this global emergency”, says Gildo Zegna, CEO.

It is with the words of Gildo Zegna that we want to start the reopening of our luxury outlet. Words that invite all of us to do our best to counteract the current health emergency. We must not stop giving our contribution even now that we are starting up again and perhaps it is precisely now that we must give our best.

We have decided to tell you what has been done so far by the Zegna group to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

280,000 protective suits made of non-woven fabric for doctors and healthcare personnel, of these 250,000 were destined to the Piedmont Region to support all the hospitals in the region and the remainder was donated by the Zegna group to the Canton of Ticino (Switzerland). These protective suits were produced in Novara and Mendrisio, where a part of the INCO and CONSITEX production plants was destined for their production.

Also in these production plants, an area was instead dedicated to the creation of masks both for the staff of the Zegna group but also for Italian and Swiss needs and emergencies.

Great help and support also in favor of the Italian civil protection which received € 3 million from Zegna. A donation that allowed to support not only nurses and doctors but also scientists and volunteers and more generally all the people who have worked and are still working today to help others overcome this difficult new condition. In addition, the Zegna group is part of the "Italy we are with you" project, which aims to help and support the National Health System with the donation of fans, masks and medical uniforms to various Italian hospitals, including the one built at the former Fiera Milano City.

In times like these, where everything is fleeting and everything seems intangible, we must unite more than ever and unite all our efforts; nowadays it is hope that makes a man truly such.