Which garments and fabrics to prefer for the summer?

Which garments and fabrics to prefer for the summer?
30 Giugno 2022

What are the inevitable fabrics and trends for the hottest season of the year?

Let's find out together.

Linen fabric

It is the perfect material for summer, it allows the body to breathe and is one of the coolest fabrics. Perfect for elegant and casual outfits at the same time and suitable for summer evenings in town or aperitifs by the sea.

Bright colors and colorful prints

Summer is synonymous with color, and therefore daring is the rule! This summer, in addition to bright colors, colorful patterned prints as well are back in trend. At The Place the search is really easy, you will find many colorful Zegna T-shirts, basic or with creative prints.

Choose your favorite clothes!

Light white shirt

The white shirt is a must in the wardrobe, the passe-partout suitable for every occasion for a chic and sophisticated look. It manages to give not only a refined style, you can easily wear it even when the weather is hot, both during the day and in the evening.

A tip: you can add a fun creative pin for an extra touch of color to your look!

Silk garments

Another material that can make a summer look always stylish and trendy is silk. Alight, natural and sophisticated fabric which is able to give freshness and breathability. And why not choose a trendy accessory as well such as a scarf for your jacket pocket? It is a must-have that can be used all throughout the year.

A trick to make your look even more exclusive is to choose a square a possibly large one.

Summer is coming! Run to The Place and buy the style for your holidays at a very special price.